my poor big gay rocker :(

He could go out on tour tomorrow with KISS or Queen and stadiums would sell out all over the country. He is absolutely amazing. Like Paula has said so many times this season, he is already an icon.

Hurry up and get some music out Adam! I'm waiting!


andrea said...

I'm still quite shocked that he didn't win.....I got the feeling Kris had prepared so much for Adam to win that he didn't even want to accept it. Adam really is already a star. He should've won.

Shirlene said...

Never been a fan of Adam. Where's a little too much make-up for me, and hate it when he screams:) I've always been a fan of Kris' for a long time. He's so charming, and his smile is so infectious. I'm so glad he won. Kris' style of music is more my thing. But the finale was cool. Loved the Black Eyed Peas! That was hot!

Shirlene said...

Oops---I can spell.........he WEARS too much make up......probably more than I wear!