The Little Couple

While my sister and her husband lived here for their internships they lived near the med center. They started noticing this little couple that lived in their complex. Ryan had the chance to meet the man and workout and talk with him for awhile at the gym and said he was really nice. He found out some pretty interesting info as well, which has made us all excited to see this new show. Well... their show finally premieres tomorrow night on TLC. You should check it out. It looks really great. Now that American Idol is over I need a new show to look forward to. :) It is all about their newlywed life and their jobs. She happens to be a neonatologist at Texas Children's Hospital which would be fascinating in itself. And she is super tiny. It is really inspiring to see what some people overcome to follow their dreams. Click HERE to read an interesting article on them from chron.com today. Click HERE to see their shows site on TLC.com. And don't forget to watch tomorrow. :)

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