I spy with my little eye...

grandpa's hair!

I was just sitting here checking up on some blogs when I came across this picture on my sister Megan's. All of the sudden Carson yells, "There's grandPA's hair!" Move over mom! Move it over like this!" (swishing his hands back and forth). I am guessing that he wanted me to scroll over so he could see her whole face. So funny!

He loves my mom, and as I think I have mentioned before, affectionately calls her grandPA. We really don't know why but it cracks us up. My parents where here a few weeks ago and Carson was calling from the other room, "Grandpa! Grandpa!", while looking for my mom. My dad came around the corner and said, "What? I'm right here." Carson looked at him and scowled and said, "No! Not you! The other grandpa!"

(I really hope that I am not repeating a story. Did I already tell this one? I am going to have to start archiving them better so I don't forget. Since I'm 37 now, I might start re-telling stories of 'the good ole days' over and over again. Please help me if I do!)

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grams said said...

Love that picture of you. Why have I never seen it? Now I have it.Thanks.