Goodbye Alison :(

After Adam, Alison was my very favorite. It is such a shame that she went. So sad. But I have a feeling she is going to be huge. And I just LOVE these 2 together...

They are so darling!

I've noticed the last few weeks that he is always touching her or has his hands on her shoulders. It's like he is protective of her or something. And then when she said she went to his 'hair girl'. It cracked me up! He probably picked out her outfits for rock night too. And I was SO mad - but it cut off again when they were talking about doing a song/album together. When will I ever learn to tape the show after Idol too!? I laughed so hard when Adam said that he was waiting for rock night and was so excited to sing Led Zeppelin, and that BONUS - he loved his outfit too! So funny. He's just keepin' it real! That is what I love about him! If I was a gay guy - I would be all over him! And I kept waiting for them to pan to him when Alison was singing her farewell song to see him crying but my DVR cut off yet again. It's almost like he is secretly NOT 'batting for the other team' so to speak. Maybe she will make him come back to the other side and they can have cute little rocker kids together.

And can I just say that Slash is so rad. I love him too. I just love everybody tonight. Everybody but Danny and Chris that is. ;0


grams said said...

I share your sadness over Alison. I hope she makes it big. I think she will. I also love Adam, but I hate everything Rock. Slash I can certainly do with out, always have always will. To me it is just noise and it is not an age thing, it is a understanding and an appreciation for GOOD music. I do hope Adam wins. He should, he is so talented. On the other hand, I feel there is a very good place for the wonderful talent of both Danny and Chris. They have talent in their way also. It will be interesting to watch what comes next. I am always fooled by the public.

Hilarie said...

Alot of people would think that Slash's music IS good music. It might not be somebody's cup of tea, but there is no denying that he is incredibly talented. Do you watch his fingers move when he plays? It is a total gift.

And yes, Danny and Chris are cute and talented and nice, but in my opinion, kinda boring. I am always looking for the one who TOTALLY knocks my socks off on AI and for me those 2 just don't do it. There are lots of talented musicians and vocalists around at church or in choirs, but that doesn't mean they should all be superstars. I'm just sayin'.

That's what makes AI fun to watch. The voting and such. Everyone has different tastes.