Can you say Tubal Ligation?

Here is Tiffany at her new home - Texas Woman's Hospital - while waiting to have her 1 in 10,000 baby. I say 1 in 10,000 because that is the chance of conception with an IUD. Which she had. She has also conceived on the pill, Depo-Provera, NuvaRing and using a condom. This is her 9th pregnancy. She has 3 boys and this one is a... GIRL! Thank goodness! She has had 5 miscarriages and she has the worst pregnancies out of anyone I have ever heard of. When she was admitted 2 weeks ago she had 13 weeks left to go. She was so excited because they released her on Friday morning, but sadly she was admitted again Saturday night. Boy was she mad! They are hoping to get her to about 35 weeks, which means she would have about 6 weeks left, give or take. Her poor family. :(

The other night I took her a couple of things to decorate her room. I took her pictures of her boys (Brian, Clayton, Christopher, Carter and Edward)...

...and I took her this poster so she could 'keep her eye on the ball' so to speak. A little reminder of how much fun she will be having in a few weeks! :)

She has so many problems that I don't even know where to begin describing them, so if you are interested and would like to know more about this medical fascinoma you can go to her blog, www.themcmahonfamilyblog.blogspot.com.

I think she may be in for the long haul this time. I might have to take her some twinkle lights and paper lanterns for her room next. I can't even imagine having to LAY in that bed, in that room every day for that long. DEPRESSING! She was all excited last week because they gave her 15 minutes of 'wheelchair' time. Yippie! The hospital encourages patients to decorate their rooms in the antepartum department that she is in. Nurses have told her that sometimes they will walk in a room and it is totally transformed with slipcovers, bedding, curtains, throw pillows. It is so funny. It is also so funny because the rooms are FREEZING because the medication these women are on makes them burn up. So the other night I was sitting in Tiffany's room with my sweater and hood on and the nurse laughed and said that it is always the case. The women are always in bed with one sheet and the husbands and visitors are all in sweats and parkas.

Anyway... You're a trooper Tiffany! And you have the best attitude. It will all be over soon and we will all be cooing over little Kaylee, who will no doubt be bundled in pink and have a humongous headband and bow on her little tiny head! :) I can't wait!

Oh and here is a little fact for everyone... An IUD is supposed to be more effective then Tubal Ligation so apparently, if Tiffany and Brian don't want anymore kiddos they are going to have to finish out life without makin' whoopee ever again.


Clayton, Megan, Monet and Scarlett said...

She is like a facinoma! I can't even imagine. What would you do?!

Mallory said...

that is freaking amazing. she really got pregnant on all those methods! shut up shut up shut up! and i can't even imagine laying bed for taht long?

Texas Tingey said...

Okay, I will never complain again. I will never complain again. I will never complain again........... I can't even fathom that!! I will remember her in my prayers for sure!!!