An Original Joe Carrell :)

I am officially an art collector now! :) The other night I met my friend Laura at her dad's house before we went to see a movie. I always knew that he painted and had seen his work, but I had not really paid that much attention. When Hurricane Ike came through Houston it took the roof off his house and he had to have alot of repair work done. Because of this he changed things around in his house a bit, and one of the things he did was to put a ton of his art work up in a little gallery at the top of his stairs. It is all beautifully framed and looks so striking all put together. It is floor to ceiling and he has the coolest old, rustic chair sitting in front of it all. I fell in LOVE with it and now I want my own little gallery section somewhere in my house... Maybe in the hall upstairs because you can see it from the entry. It would be so neat - all in different cool frames.

Joe does still lifes, landscapes and some portraits. He is really talented and one of the things I love the most is how good he is at picking the perfect frame to go with every piece. Laura, Joe and I were standing around talking and he told me he wanted to give me one. He had decided awhile back that he wasn't going to give his art away anymore so I was thrilled! There were 2 specifically that I was in love with - but understandably he didn't want to part with them so he let me pick this one. I think it goes so good in my kitchen.

For those of you interested in a piece of your own... Let me know and I will hook you up. :) He lives in a beautiful place in the Montrose area of Houston and has his art all over his house. After realizing what I had been missing all these years we walked through his place and he told me the story of each piece. I love stuff with a back-story and all of his has one. Even the frames do. He can tell where he got each one.

So thanks again Joe! I love it and can't wait for my next piece. I will come and place my order soon!

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