Las Vegas Snow! What?

Five-year-old Kathlene Meyers catches flakes during a rare winter snow in Las Vegas in 1930. The last big snowfall came on Jan. 31, 1979 when 7.4 inches accumulated. Normally standing snow only occurs near the valley's neighboring mountains.

Near the Strip, a skier enjoys one of the valley's few snows. A winter storm dumped 7.4 inches of snow on the valley floor on January 31, 1979. The next day, during his show at the Aladdin Hotel, comedian Gabe Kaplan quipped "Las Vegas has always been my favorite ski resort."

My sister Megan and her family are at the airport in Las Vegas and just heard that their flight was cancelled due to THE FOOT OF SNOW ON THE GROUND. Crazy! We might have a better chance of reaching Provo quicker then they do! :) The race is on!
According to National Weather Service records, the most snowfall recorded in the Las Vegas Valley was 16.7 inches in January 1949, followed by January 1974 with 13.4 inches and January 1979 with 9.9 inches.

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Clayton, Megan and Monet said...

You would not believe it. Like a true winter blizzard. Snowflakes the size of quarters by the gallon for hours!! It was beautiful but really jacked up my vacation plans. It is sunny outside right now but supposed to start snowing again so I am so so so scared that our flight will get canceled again. Aaaaaa! What are the chances of booking a flight on the one day in twenty years where Las Vegas has a wicked snow storm?!