A Crazy Day in Texas!

We decided if it is not going to snow in Utah for our visit we had better take care of it here instead. :) Can you believe it!? It is f-f-f-a-reezing here today! Of course tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny with a high of 60 and by Monday it calls for a high of 78. That's Houston in a nutshell for you.

And it is still going... Wouldn't that be crazy if we woke up in a world of white?!


Clayton, Megan and Monet said...

First of all, Parker in those glasses is the cutest thing I have seen.

Snow! And that much! Crazy and so fun for the kids. I'm guessing there will be tons of car accidents tonight because no one will know how to drive in it.

mallory said...

i have no words.....that is the craziest thing in the entire world! and it is funny, now that i have lived in utah for so long i can't appreciate what a truly AMAZING thing it is that it is snowing that much. that is every texas childs wish!