What I Thought of Twilight...

OK. I guess I have to write a little about what I thought of Twilight... I have been avoiding it because it requires thought and time. :)

Anyway - I LOVED IT! How could you not? It was pure enjoyment. And those of you haters out there just need to look at it for what it was. E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T! Not every movie out there needs to win awards or change the world or secretly assert some sort of hidden political statement. Some are just for fun, and Twilight is a perfect example of that! Of course the acting was a bit cheesy at times, and the stunts were a little lame. But what do you want from a fledgling production company that was willing to make Stephenie Meyer's dream come alive with her unaltered vision and a very small budget. I thought the actors were perfectly cast for the most part, with just a few exceptions. I LOVED Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Esme, Charlie and Victoria! I even loved Jacob. I loved the vibe of the whole film and the soundtrack. I loved how they made it seem like real high school kids. That is one thing that really made me think, because when I read the books I envision them as older and more mature. It cracks me up when Mike acts like a real teenager and Eric Yorkie is acting like a dork scaring the girls with the worm. And the best part is that even with seeing the movie - I still have MY vision of what everything looks like in my head. The movie didn't erase my version of Forks, the Cullen's house, Bella's room or The Meadow. The movie was just a side dish, but I still have my Twilight intact!

And lastly. The most important and exciting part of all of this is how unbelievable, yet again, this is all working out for Stephenie Meyer and everyone involved. ALL of this... ALL of these peoples lives have been forever changed because an LDS, stay at home mom in the middle of Arizona had a dream one night and decided to write it down. If you just ponder it for a minute it is one of the most fascinating things ever. Millions of dollars made. Records broken. Actors, producers and a directors lives changed. Christmas stockings, lunch boxes, chocolate bars, ice cream flavors, Volvo advertising and EVERYTHING you can imagine with Edward's face on it. All because of one woman. It is so incredibly fascinating. And I think that is what makes me so interested in it all. It is a literal and realistic example of how one person can have an impact on so many in such a short period of time.

So that is it in a nutshell! :) I can't wait for the DVD to come out!


- Summit Entertainment has already announced that they are going ahead with New Moon. The script is already finished. Summit has the rights to New Moon and Eclipse, but Breaking Dawn is still up for grabs. Stephenie Meyer is no dummy! :)
- 'Edward' and 'Bella' are obviously getting HUGE raises... It is reported that they will be getting $10M each plus royalties for the next movie. Up from their $2M each for Twilight. And bonus - they are HUMONGOUS stars now!
- Summit Entertainment is the studio behind Twilight. They are only 18 months old and have only made 5 movies, none of them making over $25M. Twilight made $70.6M on opening weekend alone. They were hoping to make $20M opening weekend. With it's possible 4 movie deal - Summit is now playing with the big boys.
- Twilight had the biggest opening day EVER for a non-sequel and the biggest opening EVER for a female director. Way to go!

Here is a little bonus pic for you... Robert Pattinson just made People magazines list of Sexiest Men Alive. And I couldn't agree more! :)


holly said...

Hilarie well written as usual. I couldn't agree more. The movie industry is full of nothing but trash and finally a movie that is entertaining and close to the original story.

Tiffany said...

LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!! And in that pic...he is one HOTT fellow!! I'm ready to see it again!!

grams said said...

I was not even going to see it, but now I must. You should be a movie critic Hil. You should also write news clips and spots for papers and magazines. You have a way with words and can express what we all think and can not say.
Good job. By the by, people here have seen it and say the same thing you have expressed. Even Emmie the pregers girl went to the midnight show and stayed awake. Even Lori and Abby went to the midnight show and stayed awake.

Mallory said...

loved it so much it turned me into a believer!!!!
seriously, i went home and have sinced finished twilight and have already started new moon!
i was giddy with delight in the theater. i wish i was 17 again and a perfect vampire was in love with me....ha ha ha

Melissa & Jim said...

I can't believe how much $ this movie is making, Hil. I guess this means you will definitely be getting some sequels!

Joseph and Emi said...

i liked twilight too. of course like you i thought that some parts were cheesey but i think that new moon is going to be a lot better just because they are going to have a bigger budget. i cannot wait for twilight on dvd and i cannot wait for new moon to be released!