My Top 4 Favorite Christmas Albumns

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OK. This first one has a story... I bought this cassette years ago at a store in Willowbrook Mall and fell in love with it. It has since been synonymous with Christmas for me. Up until the last few years when I finally parted with everything that would play a cassette. It made me so sad and this has been the one and only cassette I have in my possession now. And then it occurred to me this year to see if I could find it. And what do you know! I did! Technology is a magnificent thing! I found it one iTunes and the CD on Amazon! If you want a beautiful and simple CD - this is it! :)

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This Aaron Neville has no explanation other then it is awesome and will forever remind me of Christmas at home with my mom, dad, brother and sisters. I can't wait until we get to Utah this year to belt this one out all together. I can picture it now... All of us dancing around the kitchen together baking and singing while the women wear aprons and the men wear dickies and tight v-neck sweaters (Uncle Eddie style). All of us will be drinking cocoa out of matching mugs while we tell each other how much we miss each other... And the kids are all frolicking around the house perfectly while playing with no fighting or screaming...

What? It could happen!

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This is the best! It is half old classics and half the score to the movie which is so dreamy. Every time I listen to it I escape to a snowy night in a quaint little town with white twinkle lights all around.

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This is one from my childhood. Who can resist Pine Cones & Holly Berries!? If Jimmy Osmond was still a child I would want to just pinch his little cheeks...

K. Now go out and get them all! :)


mallory said...

you are forgetting the very most important one......Dolly Parton Christmas and my ultimate favorite christmas time song memory....

"hard candy christmas"

Melissa & Jim said...

If there is a single better Christmas album than Aaron Neville's record, I haven't heard it! Melissa and I listened to it while putting up our tree and decorations.