Old Pics = Good Times!

These pics crack me up. I remember taking Parker to the pumpkin patch for the first time. He loved it. And I wanted to get pumpkins, gourds, a hay bale and corn stalks to take home and decorate with. I remember Robert looking at me like 'you have got to be kidding'! So I loaded them all up in the Xterra and we hit the road! Robert and Parker were both wondering what the hell was going on. And I remember being stressed cause I was still a first time parent and in the zone and I was all worried about all the little dust mites and bugs that might have been crawling up Parker's nose to his brain. Of course it didn't stop me from having the cutest front porch in the neighborhood!! I had my priorities! :)


Kinsey Pistorius said...

okay, the look on Robert's face cracks me up - it says it all! :)

grams said said...

cutest porch in the neighborhood, cutest little boy and great husband.