Leave it to Beaver-ville

(above: The kids line up with their Razor scooters and race to the end of the street. Then they line up again and race back. So funny!)

We totally live on a Leave it to Beaver street. It's everything I have ever dreamed of having. Great neighbors. Tons of kids. Everyone out and about doing their yards and watching after each others kids. And its a cul-de-sac which I have never really appreciated until now. The kids love to play outside and ride their scooters. It is unbelievable - but we have at least 20 kids that I know about on our street alone. That is out of 16 houses and not including the teenagers! It really is unusual. And out of that 20 or so, they are all within the 2 to 10 age range. They all get along and play together really well for the most part and are always thinking of fun and imaginative games to play. This morning Parker was telling me that he and the boy next door are digging deep into the earth to try to see lava. I remember doing stuff like that when I was a kid and it makes me feel so good that my kids are able to have experiences like that so they can make great memories also... I often wonder what I did to deserve the blessed life I have - even with the challenges we all face. And now I wonder what I did to deserve to live on such a great street, in a great neighborhood, in a great city, in a great state, in a great country... You get the idea! :)


mallory said...

hil, i know what you mean. i feel like my life is so great i keep thinking something bad is going to happen! ;)

and i can't wait to check out that awesome street of yours in two weeks! ahhh yeah

Anonymous said...

I want to come be your neighbor. Let me know if any for sale signs go up. I want to see you more!

Can't wait to see you Sunday,

Andrea said...

It almost sounds like Utah, with all those kids!

Almost as bad as ours: We have 36 kids in our cul-de-sac of 10 homes. Kinda sick, especially when one house has no kids home anymore! Oh wait, one girl moved out to a college apartment when school started, so we are now down to 35! Our street becomes somewhat of an obstacle course in the summer with all the kids out!

grams said said...

What a great childhood. Love the tongue action on Carson in the go cart. I am so happy to see Demi live that way, not to mention the boys. Call it "Leave it to Beaver Lane."

Julie said...

I live like one block away from you and my few neighbors are ...hum , how do you say WT in a nice way? I need to move to your street like now! I can't even let my kids outside without me b/c I am the ONLY mom that goes outide and the other kids are crazy and need some manners, how to play without cussing lessons! Whew, that sounds awlful but it is the truth!