Hiking To The 'Y'

Utah has a funny little quirk... they like to put letters on their mountains. I am not sure where it started. I am not sure what it means. And I am not sure if there are any other states in the good ole USA that do it. I just know that it is total Utah!

Provo has one of the best known letters because of their Y on the side of the mountain overlooking B-Y-U! It is kinda a thing to hike to it - so my mom did it the other morning with some of her friends. Way to go mom! Someone she was with took some beautiful pictures so I posted them to my parents blog. (because I am the one who posts things on my parents blog...) So click HERE if you want to take a look.

Boy does it makes me miss Utah in the fall! I can just feel the cool air and smell the mountains! Sigh...

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grams said said...

Your mom is really giving it her all!