Happy Birthday Mallory!

(Mallory and Carson when he was a baby before we moved back to Houston. She used to have to stop by the house just to get her 'snuggle-on' with the kids.)

OK. I have to steal my sister Megan's new tradition of shout-outs to people on their b-days! It's the best idea - so I am gonna start doing it! :)

So "Happy Birthday Mallory"! My youngest sister turned 22 today! :) Boy! We are all getting old! I was 15 when she was born and totally attached to her. Everyone thought she was mine and she called me mommy. She would come in my room and sleep with me every night and when I went away to college she was the saddest - crying all the time... :( Although - probably a little less from missing me and a little more from missing her BoBo the Monkey that I took with me.

She is the best sister and aunt in the world. She is funny, smart, happy, compassionate, adventurous, down-to-earth - and she genuinely loves and misses my kids... which is why her and Ryan and the ones that I want our kids to go to if anything happens to us. Now you all know so you don't have to fight over them! :) I love you all - but Mallory wins! :) And lucky enough for us - we love Ryan just as much as her - so he wins too! (If you can call getting 2 stinker-pots winning!) :)

And here is the best thing of all. Mallory and Ryan are coming to h-town in January for internships! Yea! That makes it about 95% definite that they will end up here for life in my opinion! And I am excited!

Love you Mal!


Mallory said...

what a compliment! we can consider this an offical will if there ever is a needs be for Parker and Carson to be raised by one of us!

You said the nicest things, it almost made me cry! I can't wait to see you guys next week! Love ya!

Clayton, Megan and Monet said...

Wooooo Hil. Your shout out was far and above better than mine. You are a much better writer than me for sure. I think all those things too Mal :). Ha ha.

Hopefully nothing happens to me also because Mal and Ryan get Monet too! So funny. Maybe we just think they are the best suited because they have no kids of their own yet...I guess we will see.

Happy Birthday Mal!