Halloween Fun

This is one of my favorite Halloween pictures. It is bad quality but I love it. Years ago my friend Roch and his family used to have a huge Halloween party on their property out in the middle of nowhere. I think it was near Tomball. There was an old house and a pond and they would have several bonfires... Well this year we got a little lost on the way and stopped at a convenience store. We were cracking up at this woman who worked there. And the funniest thing was that we couldn't decide whether she was dressed up or not! We were lost in the middle of some small town in Texas after all! In the picture from left to right: my friend Paul, convenience store lady, my friend Beth, me and my friend Tim. This photo is bittersweet now because Tim died a couple of years ago from a brain tumor. He loved Halloween! And he loved having great costumes! His favorite was the year he took weeks and weeks to make a working robot costume with lights and sounds. We would all talk about it for years after! Good times!

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