First Impressions

I went through all my old photos again several weeks ago and set aside a 2-inch stack of pics that I want to scan and post. It will take awhile... but here is a start.

I love this photo of my friend Adrienne and the kids. It cracks me up! Ade looks so cute and 90's and the kids are so little! Mallory reminds me of Parker. And Carly... I'm sorry but you look like a poodle! Who perms their kids hair anyway? And Megan just looks cute as ever!

A couple of months ago Adrienne and I were taking a stroll down memory lane like we always do and she told me the funniest story... It was the first time that she had come over to my house to pick me up. Our friend Tom, Ade and I were going to Bryan, Texas for a Klein High football game. She came to pick me up in her little blue Nissan Sentra and pulled up to the house and saw this young mom walk out holding a baby with a bunch of little kids around her. She said she just about died and thought it was the weirdest thing she had ever seen! I can imagine. My mom was younger then I am now and had 5 kids in ages ranging from high school to infant. It didn't seem weird at the time - but now I can appreciate more how unusual it is in the 'normal' world! :) That's just the way it was for me - and most Mormon families for that matter... but for her it was the strangest thing ever! (I hope I am getting the story right. Let me know if I'm not!)

Good times. Good times. Now, 20 years later, she has hundreds of other hilarious, and I am sure sometimes disturbing Wilson stories to go with that one! :)

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mallory said...

what a cute picture.......i can't believe i was that little once!