The franchise that never ends...

We are all about Star Wars - The Clone Wars in our family! We can't wait for it to be released. Carson knows all of there names and carries little collector cards around with him everywhere. I am thinking about getting him more cards and a trading card binder to put them in. I'm hoping it might replace his obsession with carrying around our DVD case and ruining every movie he gets his hands on!

It cracks me up that I was playing Star Wars on my Kindergarten playground. The boys all wanted to be Han Solo and the girls all wanted to be Princess Leah - and now, 31 years later it is still going on. Now Parker is in Kindergarten and loves Star Wars. Way to keep a franchise going!!!

By the way Grandma... Remember the year you made me a Princess Leah costume? I desperately want a picture of me wearing it and my mom doesn't have any. Do you? :)


Melissa & Jim said...

That is so funny, I had no idea kids still loved Star Wars.

You should dress Parker & Carson as Ewoks for Halloween this year.

Hilarie said...

That is whats funny... They don't even know what an Ewok is - or Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbaka... It's all about the Clone Wars these days. Anakin and Clone Troopers! :)