A Peek Into Gmail

I was just emailing back and forth with my sister-in-law Tiffany and I was thinking about how it would be so great to have a 'journal' of all these types of exchanges with family and friends. How it is such a 'peek' into everyday, real life. So I thought I would start posting some funny ones now and then. I will have to post some of my convos with Robert through instant messenger sometime as well. Those are the best! :)

So here is tonight's exchange with Tiffany...

Tiffany: Hey....I was going to go run some errands tomorrow. I have to go to Target and Best Buy to return somethings, the mall to GNC to get some Protein powder, and to Party City and I guess like Michael's to get the paper for the boys party....do you want to do your DVD tomorrow? Or just come with us? Well, just let me know....!

Hilarie: Yeah. That sounds good. Lets take my car in if that is ok. The earlier the better to get it to the shop. You let me know what time! Thanks for keeping my on task! :) Way to go and it sounds fun! We will run around with you.

Tiffany: Cool!! ;) Okay...I told Brian I would make him eggs in the morning for breakfast....(what the hell was I thinking?) So, I'll just take my shower and get ready after that. Does like 9 sound good? Where do you have to take it? I guess we can go to Target first (after we drop your car off!!!) and I can get Carter's leash...lmao!! Let me know what time works for you.....

Hilarie: Holy Shiate Muslim! 9am? OK. I guess I can do it. See you then! It will be all worth it when my kids are again addicted to movies in the car! My life will be so much easier! Chevy dealer on 45 and 1960. If only they had leashes for big kids too. We could be like dog walkers in NYC. You and I with 6 kids on leashes.

Tiffany: ROFLMAO!!!!!! I totally got a mental picture of that!!!! Like those Cruela DeVille suits and red high heels walking 6 dalmatians (aka: CHILDREN!!!!) TOO damn funny!! We can do a little later if you want....like I could leave here at 9....be there like 9:45ish......it's up to you....!!!

** Let me just make fun of Tiffany and acronyms for a second. It is this whole sub-culture text/chatting/instant messenger thing that cracks me up. Tiffany is the queen of it. I got this last email and you should have seen me. It took me a few seconds to sound it out and put it together in my mind. Robert uses it alot in his computer game also and I always make fun of him. Sometimes when we are chatting online I will just make one up and throw one out there for him. Like, SWGTDWTK? Or, TTYWYGH... We should all just start using the first letter of all words to write. We would all get used to it. It would just take a little time. :) Just kidding Tiff. We all do it! :)

ROFLMAO = rolling on floor laughing my ass off
SWGTDWTK = should we go to dinner with the kids
TTYWYGH = talk to you when you get home

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Tiffany said...

lmao!! HEY...wait a min....my Cruela DeVille comment didn't make it on here....that was damn good!!(If I do say so......)lol Good times...lol