Theodor Giesel (1904 - 1991)

I love Dr. Seuss. I remember when this stamp came out. Now that I think back, it was probably one of the stamps responsible for creating my love of stamps, and more specifically, my obsession with picking the perfect stamp for a project. Every time I make and send out invitations I have to find the perfect stamp. The stamp to me is just an extension of the invitation! When I got married in 2000, picking the stamps for my invitation was just as important as the invitation itself! And what is funny about that is that I picked a stamp which had to be ripped apart and licked - old school style... but that just made me like it even more! I love the rough and jagged edges of old stamps. Even if they are way more work and leave a bad taste in your mouth! :)

{via literarystamps.blogspot.com}

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