Funny Parker

This is Parker's favorite 'book' at the moment. The Oxford Picture Dictionary (English/Haitian Creole edition). Thank you aunt Mallory and uncle Ryan! You can tell that it is well worn. Mostly from him leaving it outside and it getting wet and then drying wrinkly. He loves looking at all the little pictures and loves asking about everything. Right now he is fascinated with the page that tells you the translations for different natural disasters. I am pretty sure he is going to start speaking Haitian Creole now. :)


grams said said...

You may have a little rain man in the making Hil.

mallory said...

i mean seriously, do i pick good gifts or do i pick good gifts....ha ha ha, i'm so glad he likes it!

I have to admit i didn't realize it was a hatian creol translation dictonary when i bought it....that was a little weird on my part! ha

megan said...

Mal does pick good gifts. Parker is to to cute/funny and so smart!