Funniest Picture Ever!

Another funny old picture my grandma sent me! My dad with his dad and brothers in the 80's. Just a bunch of clean cut, conservative guys getting their 'gun on' in the middle of the desert! It cracks me up! That is what has always made me want to have more than a couple of kids. Having fun with siblings and family time... my dad always has had fun with his fam. They love golf, motorcycles, skiing, guns... Fun things to share and do together. Only his sister is missing and she loves guns just as much as her bothers! I remember my dad and uncles letting me go up in the mountains of New Mexico and Utah with them and helping me shoot cans. Not very PC - but... Fun Times and Good Memories! :)

(I just realized that you can't see the pic good. It is so small - but I wanted to post it anyway so I can have it... If you can't see it... they are all holding a gun.)

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holly said...

This is classic, we need to enlarge it and make a poster.