3 Joys
1. my kids
2. living in h-town
3. family & friends

3 Fears

1. dying and leaving my kids without me
2. Robert losing his job
3. aliens & ufo's (who isn't?)

3 Goals
1. write a book
2. be debt free
3. run a marathon (and yes - you have to be fit and skinny to do it!)

3 Obsessions
1. blogging
2. reading the news online
3. taking pictures

3 Surprising Facts
1. i met Robert in a bar (i am sure my parents are thrilled about listing this one, but its true, it is part of who i am and look where we are now!)
2. my grandma was 36 when i was born - the SAME AGE i will be on Monday!!! what!?
3. i have been arrested before (AGAIN, i am sure my parents are SO PROUD! let me explain... it was for a ticket i recieved for 'not wearing my seatbelt' that for some reason slipped through the cracks and was not paid when I was sure it was! and it was A LONG time ago!) :)

I now TAG Jenny, Megan & Mallory.

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