Houston Art Car Parade

Last Saturday we went downtown to see the 21st Annual Houston Art Car Parade. It is one of my favorite things! I used to go every year and used to take my class to the Art Car Museum for field trips. Now I get to take my own kids and start a new tradition! We went with our friends Adrienne and Travis and their little boy Grayson. And then after we got our YUM ON at Cafe Adobe. My other favorite thing!

And by the way... in the first picture I was NOT going for a 'misty' look. That is the 'hotter-then-hellness' rearing its ugly head! You know its almost here to stay when you walk outside and immediately your camera, sunglasses, watch and anything shiny fogs up! Good times! Good times!

And ONE more note. I realized a short time into our little Saturday excursion that Demi's hat makes her look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. That might have to be the one and only time that hat makes an appearance!

So here you are. Enjoy some shots of our favorite cars. And FAVORITE PEOPLE for that matter!!


Anonymous said...

I love the chicken-how amazing the tin/aluminum work is-and a chicken of all things-its like the chicken and the coop did a little cross breeding! --aunt lori

Texas Tingey said...

Wow! That is soo cool! I will have to remember about the art car parade and go next year.

mallory said...

oh how fun....i wish i could have gone! Now you will just have to go to the pez car parade!!!