Goodbye American Idol - Hello So You Think You Can Dance!

I am still HOPPING mad about my unfortunate DVR experience last night - but at least I just saw it on You Tube. Although it was a horrible 'copy'. Really grainy and I couldn't see their expressions. Now that I have seen the end - here are a few thoughts on the night from where I sit...

- I love both David's but especially David Cook! He is so gracious and such a nice person. It seems like he has such a nice, close family. He has a style all his own, is well spoken, confident and cute. (Now that he doesn't look so 'freaky'!) I am just so happy for him!

- I love George Micheal and Praying For Time is one of my all time FAVORITE songs! But he didn't look that good to me. He is getting so old and looks sickly. Although I guess he IS from what he said after his performance. I am SO going to try to see him on tour if he comes here!!

- Isn't it the cutest thing ever how they call David A. Archie. I love it!

There are so many things to comment on from last night, but let me just leave you with this one thought...

- WHAT the HELL was up with Jordon Sparks last night!!!??? She is so pretty and her hair looked cute - even with the red - and her face looked beautiful... But who ever her stylist is should be shot! Or at least have their 'styling license' revoked or something. I have NEVER seen such a horrible dress in all my life. I really never get this violent over things like this - but I was just completely and utterly DUMBFOUNDED. The fabric, the cut of it on her, the shoes with it. The jewelry. Unbelievable. She needs to FIRE her stylist immediately. And if it was her who picked it all. She needs to GET a stylist immediately!

OK. Sorry about that. I am really a nice person.


clayton&megan said...

Hil, I was thinking the exact same thing about Jordan's look....what was she thinking?! Really really bad.

Tara said...

That is so funny -- even Ryan said "What is she supposed to be wearing? Did she make that dress herself or something??"
Glad you got to see the ending. :)

holly said...

It is unanimous, the dress was horrible. Greg is still talking about it