The Duggar Family

OK. Seriously. This is getting a little crazy. The Duggar family announced today that they are expecting baby 18 in January. I really don't know what to say... I am not criticizing. They really seem like exceptional, loving people. It just AMAZES and baffles me! I don't know how she has been able to do it - physically! And I will say they just seem a teensy-weensy bit masochistic. For example, we all know that their kids names all start with J. But when you sit down and read them... Take just 3 of the 7 girls. Johanna, Joy-Anna and Jana. And just 3 of the 10 boys... Josiah, Jeremiah and Jedidiah (Jeremiah and Jedidiah are twins). Say those names 3 times in a row fast! Why do they do it to themselves? You should see me when we get together with Robert's family and Carter, Christopher, Clayton and Carson are all together. It's near impossible. And did I mention they all are home schooled. And every child learns to play the violin and piano... And just for kicks... Some children pick up an additional instrument - like the harp.

Here are a few more Duggar Fun Facts:
- Michelle has been pregnant for 135 months of her life. That is over 11 years!
- The Duggars are debt free!
- They say they will have children "as long as God wills it".
- They have 2 sets of twins.
- They have had several shows on the Discovery Health Channel and are in the process of filming another series for them.

You should watch this slide show. Click HERE to see it.


clayton&megan said...

I say the slide show, unbelievable, but they seem happy!

mallory said...

wow...the pool table shot makes them seem more normal. but what i want to know is when they older kids who are like 20 and such are going to move out?