You Go Girl!

So funny! My friend Tara was on People's Court this week. So of course I couldn't pass up the great blog post it would make! I just had to take pictures of my tv while watching!

She bought a dog from a guy for $1500 with a 72-hour 'no questions asked' return policy guarantee. She took the puppy back a day later and never got her money. Someone suggested she submit it to People's Court for fun and they got in touch with her right away. She got a fun and free trip to the Big Apple AND won her case! You go girl! And by the way, you looked great!

Here are a couple of funny facts about the shady defendant. He brought his daughter who was 13 with him as his 'witness' - even though Tara and her witness, Karen, had never even laid eyes on her. AND, the bombshell... they had a mini tape recorder stuffed in Karen's bra and recorded the conversation with him just in case in didn't go well when returning the dog - so when he lied in the courtroom - BAM! Oh, what's this? You have a recording!?


mallory said...

no way! that is so cool that she was on the show- AND WON......

Tara said...

That is SO FUNNY you took pictures of the television! :) (And a pretty good idea I might add.)
Thanks for letting me be part of your amazing blog! Hopefully if I ever make it on again it won't be because of some crazy hairbrained scheme. (Somehow I get involved with those more than most people.) I blame Karen - the one who stuck the tape recorder down her shirt!!