Kindergarten Round-Up

I took Parker to Kuehnle for Kindergarten Round-Up. They have a little program put on by the current Kindergartners and then the teachers take the prospective Kindergartners to see the classes and school while the parents fill out the registration paperwork. Of course, we all know that Parker would have NONE OF THAT! He had his little 'nervous and don't know what to do' look on his face, as you can see in the picture below. Then he stayed with me the whole time. He finally sat down to draw - his favorite new pastime!

I am really nervous about how he will do starting school! I will be an absolute basket case. I am already getting anxious just sitting here and it is 4 months away. He is just such a fragile flower! :)


Texas Tingey said...

Oh Hilarie! Just pray for a really sensitive teacher! It will all be okay.

grams said said...

You are soooo toast! I know that kinda child all too well!!! It will only take about 12 years and then it will be fine!

Tara said...

Hilarie those pictures are PRICELESS!
I have only had one child start Kindergarten so far but it seems like they really go out of their way to help the little guys. It will be okay and it will help prepare you for the next year when you leave them all day long! (sometimes i think its harder on ME then them!)