Holy Crap! PLEASE be good!

Holy Crap! Please, please, please be good and not totally cheezy! Please live up to our expectations and don't disappoint us! :) If you haven't read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer yet - you'd better get to it by 12.12.08! I'm pretty excited for it to come out - however it turns out. It will just be fun to see. My only concern at this point is after seeing the movie, I hope 'MY' characters, settings and vision of what I see in my mind will not change. I hope that when I read the books again after the movie it will still be the same book to me that it is now and the movie won't take over in my mind.

If you are interested in any more Twilight movie info check out the Twilight main page on mtv.com!


Kinsey Pistorius said...

that looked really really good! it got me excited about seeing the movie. I think the actors look mostly like I had imagined them too. fun stuff!

Tara said...

I echo your sentiments! This looks really fun! You blog is awesome Hilarie!! I might need some "decroating" tips. :)