Funny Parker

Parker uses the funniest combinations of words and he uses words incorrectly sometimes in the cutest way. Like today he helped me take all the cardboard boxes left over from building the swing set to the curb. And while he is helping me he said, "Mom, what if the fevers come and take all this?" I said, "What?" Again... "What if the fevers take all this and use it to build." I said, "To build what?" And he said... "To build a DAMN mom!" Then I GOT it and my mind started wondering thinking about what he was seeing in his mind. I can just picture a little row of BEAVERS trotting down the street up to our curb to steal our cardboard boxes and haul them away to make a damn somewhere.

Then a couple of hours later he yells from the other room. "Mom! Do we have any knee and knuckle pads I can use to play." I said, "What?" Then he ran in to ask me again, "Do we have any KNEE and KNUCKLE pads I can use to put on here and here to play with!" (Pointing to his knees and ELBOWS!) :)


mal said...

That is sooooo funny

megan said...

I am laughing and laughing out loud!