Happy 50th Birthday!

I recently finished working on a 50th birthday party for a family friend and I was helping her mom get photos and music in order for a dvd the family was making. Well, I did a lot of looking through old photos and scanning photos and I found this one that I absolutely fell in love with! Isn't it the greatest picture ever!? You all know how much I LOVE old photos! So I asked her mom if I could use it. I hope she doesn't mind! :)

(And in case she sees it... Happy 50th Birthday! You sure were a darling girl! And of course - still are!)


HoustonMamaJenn said...

This is beautiful!! Your friend should have been a model! You have an amazing sense of style and I like all the cute little sayings you have all over your blog.

grams said said...

Beautiful! You do such a great job of chooseing what we all enjoy seeing.